After years of practicing how to control a room with confidence and consistency, I curated 5 top skills to practice and percolate as you begin to play within the economy of soft skills. These 5 will insure social comfortability and effective personality exchange.

Each service can be mixed and matched as needed. AND each service or bundle of services can also be given in the form of a workshop which are perfect for universities who have an evolving career services department or corporations who want to experiment with soft skill practice on a larger scale.

Networking Sidekick

Researching and attending the right event with you as your personal “working-the-room” sidekick, introducing you, bragging (in an appropriate way) about you, and aiding in the follow up process.

Pitch Development

Developing your personal pitch highlighting who you are and how you want people to remember you. It’s all about how you talk about yourself.

Conversation Coaching

Teaching you how to fill that awkward silence that creeps into social situations by guiding you through pre-planned talking points and conversation starters.

Relationship Expansion

Cultivating old, new, and soon-to-be contacts through effective outreach and reconnection with the right people and with the right message to help grow your business or your person.

Event Targeting

Zeroing in on an event that both targets contacts you want to make and allows for the opportunity to meet new types of people that could positively expand your network.