Hi! My name’s Christine, and I’m president and founder of Hifive, an excitement-sharing agency recently featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and Fast Company.

Acting as a networking coach and personal brand consultant for those looking to gain better event-working and social skills, I work with people/companies in everything from fashion, sports, and music to tech, finance, gaming and education. By helping people cultivate their personalities across relationship channels, I try to further the concept that modern networking is really just the art of making people like you. And I can teach you how to do it.

A little background, I moved to NYC on May 6th 2011 after graduating from a master’s program down in South Carolina. I’d always wanted to live and breath and be in NYC! So moved here without a job and the game plan being: Make It.

About a month and a half later I found a gig doing PR at a communications boutique (found it through hardcore-networking/hitting-the-pavement/working-it). It was a great first job! I worked with a mixed bag of about 6 clients, doing media monitoring/research, pitch writing, office mgmt, HR, PR, etc. and it really acclimated me to NYC professional life!

However, I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and did quite a bit of professional soul searching…what will make me feel influential, complete, happy…?  And EXACTLY 6 months after moving to the Big shiny Apple I figured out my company idea: Hifive Agency.

I was in Trader’s Joes and looked down at my hands…high fives are fun, I thought. High fives are two people celebrating an exciting event, idea, moment – connecting through action and a shared level of enthusiasm. That is exactly the space I want to work in, I mused. I want to be that feeling of happiness and excited-ness – that connection and moment of feeling totally psyched (like you accomplished something but want to do more so you can keep the feeling alive).

That’s it! I want to be a human high five! So I started Hifive in January 2012.

Super happy to be living the dream, working for myself, and having another reason to give hifives everywhere I go!  Please, talk to me for any “getting yourself out there” needs!